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Name of Organization UnaPay
Full Name of Organization Digido Finance Corp.
Hotline N/A

Digido Finance Corp. - Product Features

Min. financing amount 2000 php
Max. financing amount 50000 php
Max. financing amount 180 days
Loan tenure 0.1%
Approval duration Average time from 2 to 12 hours

Fees & Charges

Debt consolidation Information on debt consolidation is not listed on the site. You need to contact representatives of the organization through any source and clarify
Processing fee One-time fee is not charged when making a loan
Stamp duty Stamp duty is not provided in the organization
Annual fee Annual fee ranges from 180% to 365% depending on the percentage under which you borrowed
Other fees Other fees are not listed on the site. However, when applying for a loan, you can include insurance or any other services. For more information, you need to consult with representatives of the organization.


Early settlement Early debt settlement does not charge you extra fees. For more information contact the credit organization.
Late payment charges 6% of overdue amount
Other penalties Not provided

Additional Requirements

Need to bind a bank account No
Other details Payment on the loan occurs through a bank card



Company NameDigido Finance Corp.
Registration No.CS202003056
Certificate of Authority1272
Online Lending ApplicationsUnapay

How to take a loan in UnaPay?

Taking a loan in UnaPay is simple and straightforward. The process starts with applying for a loan through the UnaPay platform. Once your application has been approved and accepted, UnaPay will provide you with the details of the loan terms, including interest rate, repayment schedule, total amount owed, and other important information.

Best offers

  • No registration fee
  • No processing fee
  • No service fee
  • No prepayment fee
  • No service charge

To complete the loan process, you must then provide proof of income or employment as well as any other necessary documentation to verify your identity. After verifying all the required information, UnaPay will issue you a digital signature that serves as your loan agreement and requires your acceptance before it can be activated. Once approved and activated, you’ll be able to make payments online from your UnaPay account on a regular basis until the full amount is repaid.

UnaPay offers competitive interest rates that are often less than those offered by traditional banks or lenders. Plus, since it’s an online platform, borrowers can often receive funds quickly when they need them most. The company also offers customer service available around-the-clock to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. This makes taking out a loan with UnaPay an efficient and hassle-free experience.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

Calculating interest and loan payments in UnaPay is made simple with its intuitive user interface. UnaPay calculates the total amount of interest owed on a loan based on the duration, interest rate, and amount borrowed. Based on this information, it then generates an amortization table that displays the breakdown of each payment over the term of the loan.

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

Term10 days20 days30 days
Loan amount10000 PHP10000 PHP10000 PHP
Interest amount100 PHP200 PHP300 PHP
Total repayment10100 PHP10200 PHP10300 PHP

For example, if you borrow $10,000 at an interest rate of 5% over a period of 30 years, your total cost will be $15,386: you will have to pay back $14,000 in principle and $1,386 in interest. Using this amortization table generated by UnaPay, you can easily see how much you need to pay each month in order to pay off your loan within the agreed-upon timeline.

Additionally, UnaPay takes into account other factors that may affect loan payments such as taxes or additional fees when calculating interest. This ensures that borrowers have a full picture of their repayment obligations before agreeing to take out a loan. As always, it’s important for potential borrowers to read through all terms and conditions associated with their loan to ensure they fully understand what they are committing to when taking out a loan with UnaPay.

Additional conditions for granting loans

In addition to providing proof of income or employment, UnaPay also requires applicants to meet certain other criteria in order for a loan to be approved. These include having an acceptable credit history, not having any existing unpaid debt, and not taking out a loan that is beyond their current financial means.

UnaPay also takes into account other factors such as the applicant’s current financial situation, their ability to make regular payments on time, and whether they have the means to pay back the loan in full. For example, borrowers must demonstrate their ability to manage their finances responsibly by showing proof of regular income or savings that can cover potential repayment obligations. This is especially true if they are applying for larger loans with higher interest rates.

UnaPay also has specific requirements for different types of loans. For example, mortgage loans generally require more stringent criteria than unsecured personal loans due to the higher value of the loan amount and longer repayment timeline. Similarly, some types of business loans may also require additional information about the company as well as its management team before approval can be granted.

Ultimately, understanding all the conditions and requirements associated with a loan before applying is essential for ensuring that you will be able to meet them and receive approval from UnaPay.

Reasons for a loan denial

UnaPay may deny a loan application for various reasons. Generally, the most common reasons for loan denial are insufficient income or credit history, an inability to manage a repayment schedule, or insufficient collateral in the case of secured loans.

In cases of insufficient income, UnaPay will take into account factors such as employment status, number of dependents, and total monthly expenses when evaluating a borrower’s ability to make timely payments. If these factors suggest that the borrower is not likely to be able to make payments on time, then the application will likely be denied.

In terms of credit history, UnaPay examines both positive and negative aspects of an applicant’s financial records in order to determine their ability to pay back a loan. By analyzing past behavior related to paying off debts and managing finances responsibly, UnaPay can assess a potential borrower’s reliability in meeting repayment obligations. A low credit score or lack of credit history could result in a denial of your loan application.

When it comes to managing repayments, UnaPay takes into account how realistic it believes a borrower’s repayment plan is when deciding whether or not to approve an application. This includes taking note of any pending debt obligations, current expenses relative to income levels and whether or not they are able to make regular payments on time.

Finally, if an applicant is applying for a secured loan then collateral may be required in order for the application to be approved by UnaPay. This type of security guarantees that if the borrower defaults on their payments then the lender can collect payment from this collateral asset instead. In cases where there isn’t enough collateral available then UnaPay may deny the loan altogether as it cannot guarantee that the borrower has sufficient resources available for repayment should the need arise.

How much does UnaPay charge in interest and fees?

UnaPay typically charges interest rates that range from 0.01% to 1%. The exact rate will depend on the borrower’s credit score, loan amount, and other factors. In addition, some loans may also include additional fees such as origination fees or late payment fees. Origination fees cover the costs associated with processing a loan and can range from 1% to 8%. Late payment fees are charged if repayments are made after their due date and typically start at 5% of the unpaid balance. UnaPay also offers several repayment options which may include bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments depending on the type of loan taken out.

How to take a loan in UnaPay ?

  • Fill in the application for a loan.
  • Confirm the offer. The offer is signed by an SMS code sent to your Get the solution instantly!
  • Transfer money to a bank account or card in one day!

Additional conditions for granting loans:

  • the whole process through the Internet, without leaving home;
  • for Filipino citizens who have reached the age of 21 (majority);
  • the presence of a permanent registration in the territory of the Philippines;

Reasons for a loan denial:

  • Poor credit score
  • You are blacklisted, on debt review or had a judgement against your name
  • You don’t have enough income for the loan you requestedd
  • Poor track record of credit card or loan repayments

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