The Philippine Salary Grade for 2023

The Philippine Salary Grade for 2023

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Philippine Salary Grade 2022 is the Philippine government’s system of classifying positions and determining appropriate compensation. This classification system is based on a point factor evaluation method, wherein the salary grade assigned to a position is determined by its factors such as skill requirements, job responsibility, supervisory responsibility, mental effort and creativity involved in performing the job. The Philippine Salary Grade 2022 is divided into 18 salary grades, from Salary Grade 1 to Salary Grade 18.

Each Philippine Salary Grade is composed of a range of basic salaries that correspond to the given skill level and job responsibility for the position. For example, Salary Grade 1 typically corresponds with positions such as laborers and other menial jobs. On the other hand, Salary Grade 18 generally corresponds to higher-level positions such as board members and department heads.

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It is important to note that Philippine Salary Grades are not fixed and can be adjusted based on changes in market prices or economic conditions. In addition, Philippine laws provide certain benefits and allowances which can be integrated into an employee’s salary package in accordance with their Philippine Salary Grade.

To determine your Philippine Salary Grade, you should be familiar with the Philippine Salary Grade Sample which provides a comprehensive list of Philippine Salary Grades and their corresponding job requirements. This Philippine Salary Grade Sample can help you assess your position in order to receive an appropriate salary grade according to Philippine law.

The amount of money that government employees in the Philippines earn is based on a framework called Salary Grade Table for 2023 under the Salary Standardization Law. If you are a utility worker, computer operator, accountant, teacher or someone occupying a position in the public sector, this year’s salary schedule shall be your reference to check your monthly compensation.

Salary Step

With the exception of Level 33, all other Pay Grades feature approximately eight steps. Surprisingly, level 33 only has two steps instead.

Salary Steps are based on how long an employee has been working in a certain job. This means that, even if they have different Salary Grades, new hires will always start at Salary Step 1. After that, employees move up to the next step every three years as long as they are doing their job well.

Salary GradeSample Positions
1Utility worker I
3Clerk I
4Driver II
5Carpenter II
6Lab Technician I
7Computer Operator I
8Assistant Engineer
9Electrician Foreman
10Legal Assistant I
11Teacher I
12Teacher II
13Teacher III
14Cashier II
15Budget Officer II
16Attorney I
17Executive Assistant II
18Economist III
19IT Officer I
20Board Secretary III
21Attorney III
22Assistant Division Chief
23Court Attorney II
24Division Chief
25Director I
26Director II
27Director III
28Bureau Director
29Assistant Secretary
32Vice President

The employees who have done a good job for 3 years will get a pay raise. They will find out about the pay raise from a Notice of Step Increment. If they keep doing a good job, they will keep getting raises until they reach Step 8, which is the highest step.

Salary Grade Table 2023 (Philippine Salary Standardization Law)

Salary GradeSample PositionsStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
1Utility Worker I₱13,000₱13,109₱13,219₱13,329₱13,441₱13,553₱13,666₱13,780
4Driver II₱15,586₱15,706₱15,827₱15,948₱16,071₱16,193₱16,318₱16,443
5Carpenter II₱16,543₱16,671₱16,799₱16,928₱17,057₱17,189₱17,321₱17,453
6Lab Technician I₱17,553₱17,688₱17,824₱17,962₱18,100₱18,238₱18,379₱18,520
7Computer Operator I₱18,620₱18,763₱18,907₱19,053₱19,198₱19,346₱19,494₱19,644
8Assistant Engineer₱19,744₱19,923₱20,104₱20,285₱20,468₱20,653₱20,840₱21,029
9Electrician Foreman₱21,129₱21,304₱21,483₱21,663₱21,844₱22,026₱22,210₱22,396
10Legal Assistant I₱23,176₱23,370₱23,565₱23,762₱23,961₱24,161₱24,363₱24,567
11Teacher I₱27,000₱27,284₱27,573₱27,865₱28,161₱28,462₱28,766₱29,075
12Teacher II₱29,165₱29,449₱29,737₱30,028₱30,323₱30,622₱30,924₱31,230
13Teacher III₱31,320₱31,633₱31,949₱32,269₱32,594₱32,922₱33,254₱33,591
14Cashier II₱33,843₱34,187₱34,535₱34,888₱35,244₱35,605₱35,971₱36,341
15Budget Officer II₱36,619₱36,997₱37,380₱37,768₱38,160₱38,557₱38,959₱39,367
16Attorney I₱39,672₱40,088₱40,509₱40,935₱41,367₱41,804₱42,247₱42,694
17Executive Assistant II₱43,030₱43,488₱43,951₱44,420₱44,895₱45,376₱45,862₱46,355
18Economist III₱46,725₱47,228₱47,738₱48,253₱48,776₱49,305₱49,840₱50,382
19IT Officer I₱51,357₱52,096₱52,847₱53,610₱54,386₱55,174₱55,976₱56,790
20Board Secretary III₱57,347₱58,181₱59,030₱59,892₱60,769₱61,660₱62,565₱63,485
21Attorney III₱63,997₱64,940₱65,899₱66,873₱67,864₱68,870₱69,893₱70,933
22Assistant Div Chief₱71,511₱72,577₱73,661₱74,762₱75,881₱77,019₱78,157₱79,349
23Court Attorney II₱80,003₱81,207₱82,432₱83,683₱85,049₱86,437₱87,847₱89,281
24Division Chief₱90,078₱91,548₱93,043₱94,562₱96,105₱97,674₱99,268₱100,888
25Director I₱102,690₱104,366₱106,069₱107,800₱109,560₱111,348₱113,166₱115,012
26Director II₱116,040₱117,933₱119,858₱121,814₱123,803₱125,823₱127,876₱129,164
27Director III₱131,124₱133,264₱135,440₱137,650₱139,897₱142,180₱144,501₱146,859
28Bureau Director₱148,171₱150,589₱153,047₱155,545₱158,083₱160,664₱163,286₱165,951
29Assistant Secretary₱167,432₱170,166₱172,943₱175,766₱178,634₱181,550₱184,513₱187,525
32Vice President₱331,954₱338,649₱345,478₱352,445₱359,553₱366,804₱374,202₱381,748

Salary Grade of Uniformed Personnel

Department of National Defence

Philippine Army

  1. Enlisted Personnel
  2. Officers

Department of National Defence – Philippine Air Force

  1. Enlisted Personnel
  2. Officers

Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) – Philippine National Police (PNP)

  1. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
  2. Commissioned Officers (COs)
Candidate Soldier18,587
Private First Class30,261
Staff Sergeant32,114
Technical Sergeant32,756
Master Sergeant33,411
Senior Master Sergeant34,079
Chief Master Sergeant34,761
First Chief Master Sergeant38,366
Probationary Second Lieutenant38,366
Second Lieutenant43,829
First Lieutenant49,528
Lieutenant Colonel71,313
Brigadier General91,058
Major General102,896
Lieutenant General125,574

Bureau of Jail Management and penology and Bureau of Fire Protection (DILG)

Fire/Jail Officer I29,668
Fire/Jail Officer II30,867
Fire/Jail Officer III32,114
Senior Fire/Jail Officer I33,411
Senior Fire/Jail Officer II34,079
Senior Fire/Jail Officer III34,761
Senior Fire/Jail Officer IV38,366
Senior Inspector56,582
Chief Inspector62,555
Senior Superintendent80,583
Chief Superintendent91,058

Philippine National Police and Philippine Public Safety College (DILG)

Police Corporal30,867
Police Staff Sergeant32,114
Police Master Sergeant33,411
Police Senior Master Sergeant34,079
Police Chief Master Sergeant34,761
Police Executive Master Sergeant38,366
Police Lieutenant49,528
Police Captain56,582
Police Major62,555
Police Lieutenant Colonel71,313
Police Colonel80,583
Police Brigadier General91,058
Police Major General102,896
Police Lieutenant General125,574
Police General149,785

Who Is Exempted From the SSL?

Although they are part of the Philippine government, these groups are NOT eligible to receive salary increases that have been mandated by the Salary Standardization Law:

  • Military and uniformed personnel, including Police Officer I in the PNP, Private in the Department of National Defense, and equivalent ranks in the BFP, BJMP, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Public Safety College, and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority;
  • GOCCs under RA 10149 (They have their Compensation and Position Classification System);
  • Job order workers are people who complete tasks in a specific order.;
  • A consultancy is when you work for a company, but you are not an employee. This means that you have a contract with the company, but there is no employer-employee relationship.

Philippine Coast Guard

Candidate Coastguard man18,587
Apprentice Seaman/Seaman Third Class29,668
Seaman Second Class30,261
Seaman First Class30,867
Petty Officer III31,484
Petty Officer II32,114
Petty Officer I32,756
Chief Petty Officer33,411
Senior Petty Officer34,079
Master Petty Officer34,761
First Master Petty Officer38,366
Probationary Ensign38,366
Lieutenant Junior Grade49,528
Lieutenant Senior Grade56,582
Lieutenant Commander62,555
Rear Admiral102,896
Vice Admiral114,235

National Mapping and Resource Information Authority

Apprentice Seaman/Seaman Third Class29,668
Seaman Second Class30,261
Seaman First Class30,867
Petty Officer III31,484
Petty Officer II32,114
Petty Officer I32,756
Chief Petty Officer33,411
Senior Chief Petty Officer34,079
Master Chief Petty Officer34,761
First Master Chief Petty Officer38,366
Lieutenant Junior Grade49,528
Lieutenant Senior Grade56,582
Lieutenant Commander62,555
Rear Admiral102,896
Vice Admiral114,235

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