AFPSAT Exam 2023: Application Process

AFPSAT Exam 2023: Application Process

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What is AFPSAT Exam 2023

The AFPSAT Exam is an assessment that measures the academic readiness of students who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education. The test was developed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and is administered by Pearson Vue. This exam serves as a valuable tool for colleges and universities to evaluate applicants for admission into their institutions.

The AFPSAT Exam consists of three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking & Analyzing Arguments. Each section assesses a different set of skills and abilities required for college-level coursework and allows colleges to determine the academic preparedness of potential students.

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In order to apply for the AFPSAT Exam, prospective test takers must first submit an application form online. Once this form is completed and submitted to ACE, the applicant will receive a score report within two weeks. This score report will provide information about how well they did on each section of the exam, as well as a composite score that shows overall performance on all three tests combined.

Applicants should also be prepared to pay an application fee when submitting their AFPSAT Exam application form. This fee is set by ACE and varies depending on whether you are applying as an international student or a domestic one. Additionally, applicants should familiarize themselves with any specific requirements or deadlines that their school may have regarding submitting AFPSAT scores before enrolling in courses at the institution.

Once applicants have taken the AFPSAT Exam and received their score reports, they can use these documents to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and proficiency in areas relevant to college-level coursework. Additionally, many universities use these scores when making decisions about admissions offers or scholarships awards for incoming students.

For those who wish to take the AFPSAT Exam in 2023, it is important to prepare early by becoming familiar with the format of the test and studying up on any necessary content material that could potentially appear on it. Furthermore, it is recommended that you register for your exam at least four weeks prior to your desired test date so that you can ensure your spot before any available testing slots fill up quickly!

STEP 1: Online Registration

To obtain your ticket for Step 2, simply click the Link provided and fill in all relevant details.

STEP 2: Proceed to chosen Major Service Testing Center

To receive your AFPSAT Exam Schedule, visit the Testing Center for the Major Service of your choice and present them with a printed copy of your ticket. The Testing Center will inspect both your Online Application Form, Documentary Requirements and other corresponding specifications to ensure accuracy before validating it.

The following are the Testing Centers of Major Services:

  • PAF – PTO, PAFPMC Villamor Air Base Pasay City
  • PA – ATO, APMC Fortt Bonifacio, Taguig City
  • PN – RTHO, NPMC, Fort Bomifacio, Taguig City

Step 3: Verification and you’re good to go!

Arrive to your test date with ample time in order to fill out all necessary documents and paperwork. Be sure that you have a printed copy of your AFPSAT Application Form for verification purposes before the examination begins. Put forth your best attempt on the exam, as it will be essential towards unlocking new opportunities! Wishing you great luck and may God bless you throughout this journey.

2023 AFPSAT Schedule and Venue


Aspiring Army personnel in Luzon should take note of the new schedules for the Pre-entry Examinations (AFPSAT, AQE and SWE) at the Army Recruitment Office. Here are their times:

Officer Candidate Course

  • AFPSAT, AQE, and SWE every Monday, Tuesday, and  Saturday

Candidate Soldier Course

  • AFPSAT – every Wednesday and Thursday

Strictly no walk-in registration. Interested applicants must register first at the Philippine Army Recruitment Website ( for online registration.

ARO- Visayas

The Army Recruitment Office-Visayas is open for the registration of Pre-entry Examinations (AFPSAT, AQE, and SWE). Following are the tentative schedule of examinations for AFPSAT and AQE/SWE:

Negros and Siquijor Island

11-12 March 2023AFPSATSagay City, Negros Occidental
13 March 2023AQE/SWESagay City, Negros Occidental
14-16 March 2023AFPSATBacolod City, Negros Occidental
17 March 2023AQE/SWEBacolod City, Negros Occidental
11-12 April 2023AFPSATBais City, Negros Oriental
13 April 2023AQE/SWEBais City, Negros Oriental
15 – 16 April 2023AFPSATDumaguete City, Negros Oriental
17 April 2023AQE/SWEDumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Panay and Guimaras Island

10−11 March 2023AFPSATSibalom, Antique
12 March 2023AQE/SWESibalom, Antique
14-16 March 2023AFPSATIloilo City
17 March 2023AQE/SWEIloilo City
19-21 March 2023AFPSAT3ID, PA, Jamindan, Capiz
22 March 2023AQE/SWE3ID, PA, Jamindan, Capiz
23-24 March 2023AFPSATRoxas City
25 March 2023AQE/SWERoxas City

Coverage and Reviewer

If you’re in search of the ideal review material to ace your AFPSAT, look no further than the AFPSAT Reviewer with Neuro-Psychiatric Test Samples book. You can purchase it on Shopee, and even take advantage of their Cash on Delivery option. And if you’d prefer a more economical route for reviewing? We’ve got just what you need – our free online reviewer!

Taking the AFPSAT for 2022 requires you to answer 150 multiple-choice questions in a set period of time. The topics tested span across Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies – just like any other AFPSAT exam before it. However, what really sets this test apart is its tight timeframe: 30 minutes allocated per subject area means that you have only 1 minute and 30 seconds to address each question! It may sound daunting at first but with proper preparation and dedication, conquering this examination is within reach.

  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Passing Score and Mechanics

After taking and passing the AFPSAT, the results shall be valid for 3 years. All the major services in the AFP (Army, Navy and Air Force) shall recognize the AFPSAT results as valid and you do not need to repeat the same test if you decide to apply in another branch of service within the 3-year validity.

AFPSAT Form A (30 September  2019 to date)

Above AverageB71-91PASSED
Below AverageD48-59PASSING SCORE

AFPSAT Form B (17 April 2019 to date)

Above AverageB88-109PASSED
Below AverageD56-73PASSING SCORE

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