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Emergency loan in the Philippines

The territory of the Philippines is rich in minerals, forests and water resources of coastal fauna. The annual GDP per capita growth is 6%. All of this provides a favorable environment for the business and infrastructure development. Despite all of that, the average earnings of a citizen is not more than $ 350 per month, but this is not enough for a comfortable existence.

Therefore, a network of microfinance organizations, that are developing in the country and capable of issuing emergency loans, comes to the aid of the Filipinos. The advantages of such organizations are the quick decision-making process, the convenient online services, the immediate transfer of funds to the cards of the Philippine banks and the minimum requirements for borrowers. All of this makes the service very comfortable and in demand in this area.

Where is it better to get a loan?

How can we make sure that this doesn’t significantly affect the family budget?

Best offers

The list of MFOs with flexible lending conditions, capable of issuing microloans on the territory of the Philippine Islands


OWI Loan Abroad

A dynamically developing company on the territory of the Philippine Islands. It has a convenient online application service, a low interest rate of only 1.99% per month, which is relatively acceptable in comparison with other MFOs. The requirements for the borrower are very strict, because it is mandatory to have information about official employment or the availability of data on last payments. A wide range of offered loans allows to issue both consumer loans to the card and collateral loans as well.


Eastwest Bank

Eastwest Bank

It is considered as one of the fastest loans in the Philippines with the minimum requirements for the package of documents. The main criterion of the company is that it is able to issue loans to people with low annual income. The minimum term of the loan is 12 months. The minimum loan amount is 25,000 Filipino pesos, and the maximum doesn’t exceed two million.




The company was founded in 1939 and in modern times it offers a wide range of financial problems solutions. One of the financial products type is a personal loan.The approval is fast and there is a possibility to get a loan in amount of up to one million Filipino pesos. In addition, there is a low interest rate of the loan product, which is no more than 1.88% per month.


Welcome Finance

The lender suggests using its financial services for different occasions. The loan can be repaid during the period from 12 to 36 months. It is appropriate for ordinary workers with low average monthly income. The organization’s services are very suitable in order to pay for the education of a child or to repay the debt to other lenders. Age category of borrowers is from 21 up to 60 years. At early repayment there is a commission in the amount of 5% of the principal loan amount.


Standard Chartered

Product Type is the Standard Chartered Credit Extra. The borrower’s age must be from 21 up to 65 years. There is a very low interest rate, which is only 1.10% per month. The company has a strict criterion for borrowers’ employment. When applying for a loan, a citizen must be a permanent employee of one company or another from  2 up to 3 years, or a specialist, engaged in private practice, or a civil servant for 2 years.



A microfinance company operating in the Philippines. It has a high interest rate. With a loan in amount of 50,000 pesos for a period of 365 days, the borrower will have to pay the lender 469750 pesos. The main advantages of the company are the instant online decision, user-friendly interface and accessibility to a personal account from any part of the world.


Alalay Sa Kaunlaran (ASKI)

The company was founded in 1986, which indicates its stability and demand in the financial market. The average amount of a loan is about $ 312. ASKI charges annual interest rates in the amount from 18 up to 36% with a decrease in the balance sheet.



The financial cooperative Lamac has been issuing loans since 1992. As a rule, the size of the issued loan is not more than $ 400. The main activity is the provision of microloans to the population. In addition, LMPC offers loans for agriculture. It is characterized by a quick decision making and loan processing.

Companies have different requirements for borrowers, therefore any search for solutions requires an individual approach, however, there are general criteria for all companies to the customer when issuing a loan. It is mandatory for the borrower to be 21 years and above, and the credit history checking is necessary as well .